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Though Much is Taken Much Abides


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A much-needed book, Though Much is Taken Much Abides, takes us on a journey that evokes a fast vanishing civilization of the subcontinent. The author has used a unique approach by using artifacts, relics and ornaments which embellished day to day living of our past. These artifacts, now relegated to adorning a shelf, have fascinating stories to tell. The nuances and cultural habits associated with a 'paandan' or a 'hookah' and recreation games that women and men played to amuse themselves bring back reminiscences of a bygone era.

Another fascinating aspect of the book is the author's recreation of the Sufi tradition and its understanding through works of art by Wagas Khan and the powerful rendition of the 'qawali' by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Diversely, Mohkam Naqvi, tells his charming story of longevity and fame as owner of South Asia's oldest bakery.

Though Much is Taken Much Abides is a mesmerizing read of life as it was once lived in Pakistan. It will go a long way in enlightening its readers with its simple but unique style and will serve as archival material for historians and researchers.