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Nomads: Life on the Move


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A beguiling look at seven contemporary nomadic cultures around the world, offering a timely insight into alternative ways of life that connect us to our ancestral roots. ''We’ve seen nomadic life exemplified in picture books from time to time, but a nonfiction text that looks at how nomadic life came to be and the seven nomadic tribes that exist to this day is without compare''. -- School Library Journal " This book is a great introduction to a group that many children haven’t heard of, and can spur further research and thinking about what we can learn from nomadic lifestyles". -- Youth Services Book Review " Illustrated throughout with colourful, detailed smudgy images and diagrams of communities’ homes, their most cherished artefacts, and the routes they take, there is so much detail in this book that readers from eight years upwards will want to revisit it time and again". -- Just Imagine " Informative and beautifully presented, this is a fascinating and thought-provoking look at nomadic lifestyles, traditions and cultures". -- Small Wonder Books '' An important and visually stunning book that would also make an excellent gift''. -- The Literacy Tree ''A compelling read'' -- School Reading List

A fascinating and beautiful survey of seven nomadic societies spread across the continents. With delicately beautiful illustrations bringing the material to life, we learn about the Sama Bajau, fishing nomads from the Philippines who spend months at sea without ever touching land. We discover the Yanomami peoples of the Amazon rainforest whose connection to their environment informs every aspect of their lives. The Nenet nomads of Siberia follow their reindeer through blasting winds to the very edge of the Arctic Circle.

All these cultures face common pressures and problems. Governments want them to settle down and assimilate; local populations view them with suspicion; subsistence farming or herding is not viable in a cut-throat globalised world.

This book offers a timely window on a simpler way of life, and on human traditions and cultures that connect us to our distant ancestors. Elegantly and respectfully written and illustrated, this book is a captivating contribution to the growing literature on nomadic societies, and will appeal to both the education and the gift markets.