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Martin Creed: Works


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Renowned for his straightforward approach to making art and his deft economy of means, Martin Creed has produced sculptures, installations, drawings, films, performances, music, and text, each of which has found its inspiration in the objects and activities of everyday life. This extensive volume documents some 800 works produced over twenty years and selected by the artist himself.
Always in search of the essential nature of things, Creed uses the simplest materials to create a world in which reality appears transformed by conceptual rules, as well as by the unexpected breaking of those rules. His work is simultaneously subtle and spectacular, austere, and playful—whether it be a sheet of paper crumpled into a ball, a protrusion from the wall, a door opening and closing, the lights going on and off, or a soundtrack inside a moving elevator.

Conceived and designed in close collaboration with the artist, the book features a foreword by the artist and accompanying texts by Germaine Greer, Colm Toibin, Barry Humphries, and others, supplemented by an exhibition history, bibliography, and biography.