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Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows


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Crown of Shadows, the third full-length installment of the sensational Locke & Key series, continues to follow Dodge (disguised as classmate Zack Wells) in his unremitting quest to unearth the Omega Key that will unlock the Black Door. Armed with an unholy crown found in the dark recesses of Keyhouse, Dodge raises an army of shadow monsters to torment the Locke children. Surrounded and outnumbered, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode find themselves alone in a desperate battle for survival. Meanwhile, their grief-stricken mother, Nina, drowns her sorrows in alcohol, wrecking emotional havoc on herself and her children.

Riveting and profoundly creepy, the Locke & Key series gets better with each installment, injecting new mysteries into the existing storylines and introducing new bizarre keys that perform fantastical feats. Readers at this point will be glued to the pages waiting to find out what each newly discovered key does. The fantasy element is literally taken to new heights with the discovery of a so-called Giant Key that—yeah, you guessed it—turns you into a giant.

Joe Hill’s unique writing continues to impress and immerses readers in what feels like a full-fledged novel. The brilliant visuals crafted by Gabriel Rodriguez are flawless, and the emotions of the characters bleed through even without words. Both author and artist have an equal chance to shine in this latest volume, and audiences can only expect great things in the three remaining installments.