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I Am Dynamite!: A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche (Hard Back)


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Who hasn't heard of "God is dead" or "That which does not kill us makes us stronger"? Friedrich Nietzsche's work forms the bedrock of our contemporary thought, and yet a shroud of misunderstanding surrounds the philosopher behind these proclamations.

The time is right for a new take on Nietzsche's extraordinary life, whose importance as a thinker rivals that of Freud or Marx. From his classical education to seemingly familiar ideas such as the �bermenschI Am Dynamite! contains unrivalled insight into Nietzsche and charges of anti-Semitism, his relationship with Wagner, Nietzsche and music, Nietzsche's familial relationships, mental illness, women and - above all - Nietzsche's position in the grand tiers of twentieth-century thought and ideas.

With Sue Prideaux's eminent and vivid scholarship, we are lucky to have a rare thing on our hands: fluent, transparent writing which also does justice to the complexity of the subject-matter. Nietzsche's ideas - as well as his life - sing on each page of I Am Dynamite!