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Guerrilla Warfare: The Authorised Edition


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Home will be the open sky...each guerilla fighter is ready to die not just to defend an idea, but to make that idea a reality.

Che Guevara remains one of the world's most iconic political and revolutionary figures. Fascinating to admirers and adversaries alike, he captured the minds of millions with his leadership and his belief in guerilla warfare as the only effective agent to achieve political change.

Here, in his own classic text on revolution, Che draws on his first-hand experience of the Cuban campaign to document all aspects of guerilla warfare.

This is the definitive, authorised version of Che's manifesto on revolution and includes his final revisions, completed just before his death. It is both an incisive handbook and an invaluable historical source.

A how-to manual for guerillas and a manifesto for revolutionary idealists...Che's political testament