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Designing Here/Now: A global selection of objects, concepts and spaces for the future


Everyone who loves design, regardless of experience or background, shares a bond of appreciation and curiosity that leads them to seek out what's new, different and surprising. Too often, "design books" offer a myopic or superficial perspective that ignores the common spark of excitement that drives designers to bring creative projects to life. With this in mind, Core77 created Designing Here/Now, a powerfully inspirational anthology of the most interesting projects happening today, rendered with insight and depth that makes it simultaneously a perfect snapshot of contemporary design trends and a permanent reference of their impact. It is a singular resource that honors the intention behind great design and presents it in a manner that everyone can appreciate. Based on over 500 projects from across the globe that span 17 categories of design expression, Designing Here/Now is both a reference and inspiration for anyone who loves design.