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Building: 3,000 Years of Design, Engineering and Construction


Author Bill Addis
Don't let the brown paper book cover deceive you. This is no regular school textbook. Building is a comprehensive and sophisticated survey of the history of engineering design and innovation in the Western world from ancient Egyptian times to the present. Unprecedented in subject and scope, the volume is organized chronologically and follows key developments and achievements in building techniques over the centuries, from Egypt to Greece and Rome through the Gothic era, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and today's digital modeling. Building includes more than 800 photographs, archival drawings, and specially commissioned diagrams, many from rare and hard-to-find sources. Author Bill Addis focuses his text on the people and buildings that truly changed the history of engineering, from Vitruvius and the Parthenon to Sir Christopher Wren, Fazlur Khan, the Sydney Opera House, and the latest 'green' skyscrapers. Building is a must-have reference book for students and young professionals in engineering and architecture.