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A Person of Pakistani Origins


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What does it mean to be a Pakistani? What do people see when they think they see a Pakistani? Can a Pakistani be more than one thing?

In A Person of Pakistani Origins, Ziauddin Sardar, who does not have an authentic birth certificate to prove his origins, seeks to discover what makes a Pakistani and whether it is something one wants or ought to be. He reflects on his culture and heritage through the stories of the Pakistanis in his life. These are tales of dueling poets, fake thrillers, an uncle who has the ability to disappear and reappear miles away without even breaking a sweat, a traditional bookish auntie who harbors feminist desires, and a culture deeply entangled in Bollywood films. Nothing is as it seems, and assumptions made serve only as lessons for tomorrow. Deep contemplation, generously coasted with humor, takes you on a journey into multifaceted ethos of Pakistani culture, the beauty of Urdu language, as well as the humble insanity that is the everyday life of a person of Pakistani origins. Readers are prompted to embark on reflections on where they come from and who they have become.