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A Gun for Sale (Vintage Classics)


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'Graham Greene had wit and grace and character and story and a transcendent universal compassion that places him for all time in the ranks of world literature' -John le Carŕe, Guardian

Raven is an assassin, a hired killer, and his brutal murder of the Minister of War raises the spectre of war across Europe. As the nation prepares for war, Raven goes on the run, hunted by the police and hunting the man who paid him in stolen banknotes, and eventually unearthing the terrible truth behind the killing.

'The most ingenious, inventive and exciting of our novelists, rich in exactly etched and moving portraits of real human beings' -V.S. Pritchett

'A master storyteller, one of the first to write in cinematic style with razor-sharp images moving with kinetic force' -Newsweek