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Beyond—An anthology of majestic stories from The Salam Award


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This collection that you hold in your hands isn't just a compilation of some of the best Pakistani speculative fiction that we've found, but more than that, it is an opportunity for you, beloved reader.

Some people dismiss speculative fiction as escapism, but we believe that it's almost always the unconventional, the fantastical, and the seemingly strange ideas that transform a society.

With this belief, we hope these fifteen unique stories will transport you to some unusual times and spaces where you are given the opportunity to let your imagination take over - to breakaway from the confines of a patterned life, and see all the shapes and forms life can take.

Who knows maybe these stories will awaken a story within you? Because we believe that everybody has a story to tell, a message to share, and as we strive to evolve into a more diverse society, yours may play a role that you have not anticipated.

We hope you enjoy this collection!