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Wreck This Journal: Now in Colour


Author Keri Smith

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A special 10th Anniversary Edition of the internationally bestselling journal
that started it all with more than 7 million copies sold including a new
hardcover format, secret messages, and for the first time ever, color! 
Tenyearsago, KeriSmithreleasedWreck This Journal, andwithitshestarteda movementthatcontinuestosweepupmillionsoffansaroundtheworldand changethewaywelookatcreativeexpression.Everysingleoneofthe7million journalssoldisasuniqueasthepersonwhowrecksit painting, shredding, transforming, exploring, andunleashingtheircreativityintheprocess. 
Withanewhardcoverformat(andnewpromptsspecifictowreckingthecover), afreshintroductionfromKeri, hiddenmessagesscatteredthroughoutthebook, and forthefirsttimeever Keri sartworkinfullcolor, Wreck This Journal 10th Anniversary Edition isagifttoKeri sfansandtonewreadersalike.
A conceptual artist and author luring kids into questioning the world and appreciating every smell, texture and mystery in it. Time Magazine 
Keri Smith may well be the self-help guru this DIY generation deserves. The Believer"