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Ten Billion


Deforestation. Desertification. Species extinction. Global warming. Growing threats to food and water. These driving issues of our times are the result of one huge problem: Us.

Just over two hundred years ago, there were one billion humans on Earth.
By 1960, there were three billion.
There are now over seven billion of us.
By 2050, there will be at least nine billion people on this planet.
And, sometime near the end of this century, the world population will reach ten billion.

As we continue to grow, these problems continue to grow. And this means that every which way we look at it, a planet of 10 billion people is set to look increasingly like a nightmare.

Stephen Emmott, a scientist whose lab is at the forefront of research into climate, ecosystems, food-webs, and plant biology sounds the alarm. TEN BILLION is a snapshot of a planet, and our species, approaching a crisis: how we got here, what’s happening now, and where this leaves us for the rest of this century. TEN BILLION is anything but a “green” book. And it’s not another book about the climate. TEN BILLION is a book about us