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Sasha and the Wolf


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A brilliant bind-up of the rediscovered classics about Sasha and Ferdy the wolf and their adventures.

Long ago and far away, on the great snow-covered steppe of Russia . . .

Sasha has always been taught that wolves are dangerous, but when he finds himself lost in the snow with Ferdy, a wolfcub, he discovers they are not so different. But how can he persuade his village that the wolves can be their friends?

Sasha is excited about the railway coming to their village. But Ferdy is afraid that it will bring new people who do not know that the wolves and humans have learnt to live together. With winter coming, how will Ferdy's pack survive if they have to hide away?

Gaia Bordicchia's gorgeous illustrations whisk readers away to a Russian winter long long ago . . .

Customer reviews:

'This is the best book to buy.'
'A favourite of my guided reading group in Year 3.'
'Nice chapter book for kids advanced past picture books.'