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Mrs Caliban


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The frogman was still there, sitting on the corner of her bed, looking towards her ...

Dorothy is a grieving housewife in the Californian suburbs. Her infant son, unborn child, and dog have all just died; her husband is unfaithful; her only friend is an alcoholic. One day, the radio announces that a green-skinned sea monster has escaped from the Institute for Oceanographic Research - but little did she expect him to arrive in her kitchen. Muscular yet gentle, vegetarian, and excellent at housework, Larry the frogman is a revelation: and their passionate affair goes beyond their wildest dreams ...

Reissued with a foreword by Irenosen Okojie, Rachel Ingalls' Mrs Caliban is a surrealist masterpiece: as dazzling today as it was four decades ago.

'A miracle . A perfect novel.' New Yorker

'One of my favourite novels in the world.' Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket

'Still outpaces, out-weirds, and out-romances anything today.' Marlon James

'An impeccable parable, beautifully written.' John Updike

'Every one of its 125 pages is perfect, original, and arresting. Clear a Saturday, please, and read it in a single sitting.' Harper's