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Jonathan Swift's Gulliver


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First published in 1726, Jonathan Swift's classic adventure story has long been a favourite with adults and children alike. This magnificent edition contains all four of Gulliver's extraordinary voyages. Travel to Lilliput. land of the small, Brobdingnag, land of giants, to Laputa, where inhabitants need to be hit on the head with sticks to remind them to talk; Glubbdubdrib, island of ghosts and magicians; and the kingdom of the Houyhnhnm, where horses rule over humans.

Award-winning author Martin Jenkins has skilfully adapted the original novel, remaining true to its tone and humour while making it accessible to younger readers. In this he is brilliantly assisted by Kate Greenaway Medallist Chris Riddell, who brings to life the people, creatures and kingdoms of Swift's searing imagination in wonderful panoramic detail. A tour de force of design and illustration, this is a peerless introduction to one of the English language's most popular stories.