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Get Your Kids to Eat Anything: A 5-phase programme to change the way your family think about food


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Get Your Kids to Eat Anything is an achievable 'how to' for parents in the battle to overcome picky eating and 'make new the norm'. Emily Leary's unique 5-phase program looks at the issue of 'fussy eating' in a holistic way that links imagination with food, and which situates parents alongside - not in opposition to - their children.
Each phase includes a clear explanation of what you're going to learn and achieve, clear advice/commentary, two weeks of delicious tried and tested recipes, and hands-on activities to try out with your family, all of which will help bring that phase to life and help you and your family to progress forward.
The 5-phase approach:
Phase 1: Unfamiliar into the familiar. Introducing unfamiliar color, flavor or texture into familiar favorites.
Phase 2: Educate. Experimenting with food, and understanding where it comes from and why it's important.
Phase 3: Fun. Putting the fun back into food and building enthusiasm for food variety.
Phase 4: Into the unknown. Discovering new ingredients and flavor combinations.
Phase 5: Cementing variety. Learning techniques to keep your family meals varied long-term.