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This outstanding collection brings together Orwell’s longer, major essays and a fine selection of shorter pieces that includes My Country Right or LeftDecline of the English MurderShooting an Elephant and A Hanging.

With great originality and wit Orwell unfolds his views on subjects ranging from the moral enormity of Jonathan Swift’s strange genius and a revaluation of Charles Dickens to the nature of Socialism, a comic yet profound discussion of naughty sea-side picture postcards and a spirited defence of English cooking. Displaying an almost unrivalled mastery of English plain prose style, Orwell’s essays challenge, move and entertain.

Why I Write
The Spike
A Hanging
Shooting an Elephant
Bookshop Memories
Charles Dickens
Boys' Weeklies
Inside the Whale
My Country Right or Left
The Lion and the Unicorn
Wells, Hitler and the World State
The Art of Donald McGill
Rudyard Kipling
Looking Back on the Spanish War
W.B. Yeats
Poetry and the Microphone
Benefit of Clergy; Some Notes on Salvador Dali
Raffles and Miss Blandish
Arthur Koestler
Antisemitism in Britain
In Defence of P.G. Wodehouse
Notes on Nationalism
Good Bad Books
The Sporting Spirit
Nonsense Poetry
The Prevention of Literature
Books v. Cigarettes
Decline of the English Murder
Politics and the English Language
Some Thoughts on the Common Toad
A Good Word for the Vicar of Bray
Confessions of a Book Reviewer
Politics vs Literature: An Examination of Gulliver's Travels
How the Poor Die
Riding Down from Bangor
Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool
Such, Such Were the Joys
Writers and Leviathan
Reflections on Gandhi