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Distrust That Particular Flavor


William Gibson was writing fiction when he predicted the internet. And as his stories bled into reality, so he became one of the first to report on the real-world consequences of cyberspace's growth and development.

Now, with the dust settling on the first internet revolution, comes Gibson's first collection of non-fiction essays from the technological and cultural frontiers of this new world.

Covering a variety of subjects, they include:
Metrophagy: The Art and Science of Digesting Great Cities
An account of obsession in 'the world's attic': eBay
Reasons why 'The Net is a Waste of Time'
Singapore as 'Disneyland with the Death Penalty'
A primer on Japan, our default setting for the future

These and many other pieces, collected for the first time in Distrust that Particular Flavor, are studded with revealing autobiographical fragments and map the development of Gibson's acute perceptions about modern life.

Here, then, is a guide to the new territory we find ourselves in written by one of its discoverers.