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Darling: The Page-Turning Thriller About Love and Hate in Brexit Britain


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A white teenage girl clashes with her new black stepmother in this debut reading group thriller
‘Sure to be a reading group favourite’ Metro

‘A brilliant and surprising chameleon of a novel … the twists and turns left me reeling’ Eleanor Wasserberg, author of Foxlowe

‘A page-turning thriller that grips the reader … I read through the night to discover the dramatic denouement’ Kate Hamer, author of The Girl in the Red Coat

‘I devoured Darling in a couple of days; told by two unforgettable female narrators, it's urgent, original and genuinely unputdownable’ Clare Fisher, author of All the Good Things

Dark, provocative and a refreshing take on the psychological thriller genre. Darling and Lola are both brilliant creations’ Emma Curtis, author of One Little Mistake

Lola doesn’t particularly want a new stepmother. Especially not one who has come out of nowhere and only been with her dad for three months. And – she’s not racist or anything – but since when did her dad fancy black women anyway?

Darling didn’t particularly want a new stepdaughter. Especially not one as spiteful and spoilt as Lola. She does want Lola’s dad though. And he wants her, so that’s that: Darling and Lola will just have to get used to each other.

Unless Lola can find a way to get rid of Darling.