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Conceptual Art


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Conceptual Art is part of Phaidon's Themes & Movements series, a group of groundbreaking sourcebooks on the prevailing art tendencies of our times. Each Themes & Movement book includes a complete overview of the given theme, situating individual artists' works in the context of modern art. The documents include artists' statements, interviews, manifestos, project notes, reviews and articles by key critics, and parallel texts from other cultural, philosophical, and literary sources. Each book includes an introductory essay charting the genealogy of the theme or movement, as well as approximately 250 plates of artworks, including rarely published installation shots and preliminary drawings. Finally, each book includes biographies of all of the artists and authors involved, as well as a comprehensive bibliography. They are intended for uninitiated readers and scholars alike.

Conceptual Art reveals the revolution that took place when a whole generation of artists experimented with the idea of art as an idea. The text illustrates how artists challenged traditional notions of the art object through unprecedented use of language, actions, processes, and forms derived from mass media. Conceptual Art was a major influence on all subsequent art movements, so its study provides an indispensable key to understanding contemporary art. This book is one of the most rigorous, authoritative surveys available of a movement which made a major contribution to the history of thought, with an influence far beyond America and Europe. It is edited by Peter Osborne, a notable philosopher of art.

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