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Ask the Dust


Author John Fante

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Author(s): John Fante ISBN: 9780857862372 Binding: Paperback Published: 2012-07-01 Arturo Bandini arrives in Los Angeles with big dreams. He wants to write but is faced with grim reality. Not only is he forced to stay in a seedy hotel, but his landlord demands money that Bandini simply doesn't have. Yet when Bandini makes a small fortune from the publication of a short story, he embarks upon a reinvention, indulging in expensive clothes, fine food and downtown strip clubs. It is not until he meets the beautiful Camilla Lopez that his delusions take a worrying turn. In the long, hot summer days, Bandini and Camilla are drawn into a love-hate relationship that slowly but inexorably leads Bandini to another downfall. Ask the Dust is an unforgettable novel about outsiders looking in on a town built on celluloid dreams. It is a heartfelt yet cynical vision of America at the time of the Great Depression.